About Denghao

  Shenzhen Denghao Fashion Co., Ltd., established in March 1993, is a professional brand fashion company integrating fashion design, production and sales of knitting and tatting fabrics. “Zhenghao”, as our leading brand, has inaugurated a new era of the combination of knitting and tatting fabrics in China, upholding an international, modern, elegant and elaborate style, taking flowers as a design element and adopting rich and bold color collocation, unique design style and exquisite workmanship!
  “Denghao Fashion” has enjoyed a high popularity among the peers and won the honorary titles of “China Famous Fashion Enterprise” and “China Well-known Brand” by China National Garments Research & Design (Group) Corporation and China Evaluation Center of Technical Progress owing to unique original design style and joint effects of all staff. What’s more, we have won the design awards for successive years.
  Nowadays, our company has possessed the modern industrial equipment annually yielding 500,000 pieces and the factory of nearly 10,000 square meters. Our image stores are scattered in the majority of provincial capitals and first-tier cities in China and we have successfully exploited overseas markets such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, etc.
  “Let the women be beautiful like flowers in bloom” is our greatest wish. In the spring and summer of 2007, we have portrayed once again more boldly for women’s beauty in an original design way including the perfect combination of various fabrics, the montage of different materials, free collocation, ingenious sewing process, implicit Chinese culture and international popular elements to express feminine confidence, taste and elegance more vividly.