Registration Information

After you register the user, we ask you to fill in a registry to provide your real name, address, nationality, phone number and E-mail address. If you are a corporate customer, you should provide your company address, phone number and short description on service and products. You can choose to fill in additional information including the province, city, time zone, post code, fax number and homepage of your company and your post. We use the information to obtain statistical data of users, and classify users according to the statistical data, so that we pertinently provide new service to you. We will notify you of these new services through your E-mail address.

Your Transaction Behavior

We track IP address only for the reason of security. If we cannot find security problem, we will timely delete the collected IP address. We also track all-day pageviews. The pageviews are used for reflecting website traffic. We can make a plan for future development (such as adding additional servers).


We perform comprehensive statistics on personal identity data, and disclose the data to advertiser for the needs of sales and rewards.

Mail/SMS/Proceeding Service

The shop reserves the right of sending order information, sales promotion and other notification service to registration and shopping users through mail, SMS and proceeding. If you register and shop on the shop, you have implied consent on the service. If you don’t want to accept the mail, SMS or proceeding of the shop, you can put forward subscription withdrawal application to our service personnel and mark out your E-mail address, mobile phone number or related address information, and the shop will withdraw subscription after receiving the application.

The Third Party

We won’t provide, sell, hire, share or transact personal information of users to the third party only if the third party provide service for the website and users for the shop, and the third party is prohibited from visiting the former data. We will favorably disclose your data at the request of laws or government.

Information Storage and Exchange

User information and data are collected and stored on China server. We may transmit your data to the server of other country for backup.

External Links

The website contains links to other websites. The shop is not responsible for privacy protection measures of those websites. We may increase business partner or website of common brand in need, but only provide them with comprehensive information, and won’t disclose your identity.


Our website has corresponding safety measures to ensure that the mastered information doesn’t lose or be abused or modified. These safety measures include data backup to other servers and user password encryption. In spite of these safety measures, “complete safety measures” don’t exist on the internet.