Mail Remittance

Mail remittance is a clearing form remitting the payment to the shop through postal sector. The customers who choose the payment method should go to the post office for remittance as soon as possible after placing an order. If the payment cannot be accepted in 10 days after placing an order, the system will automatically cancel the order. The shop supports mail commerce remittance and common mail remittance.

Mail Commerce Remittance (Recommended)
Collection Time: 1-2 workdays after the remittance
Advantages: Free of commission charge, more timely
1) Mark out the order and username on the postscript of money order (very important)!
2) Accurately fill in the payee, amount, merchant and customer number, postscript and your personal information in the money order
3) Remittance address: Please directly fill in remittance number and payee on the commerce remittance column (in capital and small letters)