Self-fetch Announcements

• Self-fetch Time: Monday to Sunday, 09:00-19:00 (national legal holidays are subject to news release holidays, please pay attention to it)
• After the goods reach the self-fetch point, we will keep the goods for three days, and the order is default to cancel if the goods are not fetched after three days.
• Cash and goods need to be checked, and after you leave the pickup front desk, our company is not responsible for the cash and goods.
• The price insurance should be put forward on the spot, and our company won’t provide price insurance service after you leave the front desk.
• Plain invoice: Each order should be invoiced on the day of self-fetch, and our company doesn’t provide accumulative invoicing service.
• Value-added tax invoice: POS machine for swiping card, no value-added tax invoice; the value-added tax invoice cannot be made the same day, and our company will express the invoice to customers in three workdays according to order address after the order finishes. Please timely inform our service personnel if the address is wrong.